25 November 2015, 8pm



25 November – 16 December 2015, 11am to 7pm daily

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The art of collecting begins with a relationship that is developed over time, between the collector and the artist. It is often sparked by a sense of intrigue, the need to discover or to realise one’s own reflections in a work of art. It is an ongoing dialogue, one that endures within a familial space, in the shared passion for the freedom of expression in art.

The evolution of this community, is a journey that we are proud to take part in, as it begins to explore and delve into new realms – in the pursuit of ideas and expressions which inspire, unsettle, puzzle and ignite the imagination.

We invite you to join us on this journey to discover the assemblage of iconic works in a private selling exhibition which celebrates the collector’s choices and the artists they connect with.

Ahmad Shukri Mohamed
Ahmad Zakii Anwar
Amron Omar
Awang Damit
Chang Fee Ming
Drew Harris
Ilse Noor
Ismadi Sallehudin
Jamil Mat Isa
Juhari Said
Khalil Ibrahim
Raduan Man
Rafiee Ghani
Raphael Scott Ahbeng
Seah Kim Joo
Suzlee Ibrahim
Tan Tong
Yap Chin Hoe
Yusof Ghani

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